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"Is there Anything Too Hard for God"

By: 1st Lady Cheryl Nash

First, I want to say, God is able to deliver you from any problem, circumstance or situation.

Imagine your life is so horrible and you're so lost that you not only try to kill yourself but your unborn children as well? Have you ever been so hopelessly broken, that you did something you never thought you would do? I felt my life, at that very moment, was over. I had given up. I found myself stress out, 9 months pregnant with twins, barefooted in my nightgown walking in the middle of a terribly busy highway. I never knew my life would become so tragic. 

A Pastor's kid who grew up in a very sheltered environment was now a victim of spousal abuse. As a young saved teen, I prayed for twins; a boy and a girl and God gave me actually what I prayed for! I didn't know the man I married would become addicted to crack cocaine and torment me so, that I was willing to destroy the very thing I loved so much. 

That was 32 years ago. You see, I lived a secret life of shame and brokenness. I pretended to have it all together but I was living a lie. My once happy home was now total chaos! I'd been robbed and didn't realize it. My wonderful life had been stolen from me. I was going to church praising God with my bible filled with highlighted scriptures but, walking in a very dark place. Miserable but, too ashamed to tell anyone, I had no clue what to do. 

One day I made a decision, enough is enough! I'm taking my life back! I will not raise my children without their father. I put an emergency 9-11 call to the Heaven, grabbed the teacher God gave me and didn't let her go till my husband was saved, delivered and set free.

Pastor Michael Nash, my husband is now a faithful highly esteemed leader in the community, mentor, teacher, theologian of the word of God, a professional Master Tailor and a business owner. 

I honor the Lord for His goodness in my life. With every attempt to divorce, I heard the voice of the Lord saying, "No, that's not the answer." Today my husband thanks me for not giving up on him. I'm so glad I didn't follow Satan's perspective to divorce because of my marital crisis. Hope was what I needed to see my journey to freedom.

God empowered me to snatched my life back, and so can you.

God has allowed me to document my experience in a book that will be released in the summer of 2019.  The book will help women see their unsaved husbands delivered and set free. I also, mentor individuals who have been spiritually vandalized and robbed by the Devil.

I welcome those who need help in this area to contact me and book a Strategy Session with me using the link below: "S-natch it Back"

God Bless you,

Lady Cheryl Nash

And remember, If you don't have it then who does?

Contact Lady Nash on Facebook  or book an appointment with her at S-natch it Back

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