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Your Dreams are Closer Than Close!! Hang in there.

By: Sandra Townsend

  Nine years ago I was sitting at work trying to think of something I could do to help someone else, but nothing came to mind. Not long after, a tutor walks in and said he needed help. He told me that he knew a young lady who wanted to go to her Prom but her family couldn't afford to buy her a dress. Immediately the wheels in my head started in motion, the light bulb came on and "The Diva’s " social club is formed. A simple volunteer effort to help a young women become the "Princess Diva’s" that they are and send them to the prom looking beautiful was birthed.

From that effort, our social club “D.I.V.A’S....A Cup of Comfort” created a project that has provided thousands of dresses, and to this day, still assist underprivileged young ladies with prom and winter formal attire at no cost to them. Every event is an event full of excitement from trying on dresses, shoes and accessories, a Mary Kay team that provides make-up tips and a team of hairstylist for the perfect updo and beyond. The Diva’s make it an entire day of glamour for the young ladies.

In 2009 our efforts were recognized in the front page of the L.A. Times. In 2010 we were invited to the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion to see the Musical Cinderella were we collect dress donations from the Guest.

Who knew that nine (9) yrs later my dream would still be going strong…

OMG!!! I’m still excited, watching my dream blossom as well as seeing the smiles on young ladies faces as they transform to modern day Cinderellas.

We currently partner with Two (2) other organization to make the dream larger; The Lighthouse City of Refuge (Lisa) & L.A. Skill Builder (Brenda). Partnering with these groups has enabled us to give more and touch many more lives.

Since the inceptions of the D.I.V.A.S, I've had many volunteers to help, but a few who have continue to give and sacrifice their time and talents, thru it all. Deandra, Brianna & Shedonna, I love them to the moon and back.

ONE (1) young lady with a need, ONE (1) donated dress , ONE (1) letter requesting donations, equals nine (9) yrs of changing lives! AND More to come.. Kisses!!

To learn more about our group or to make a donation please connect with us on Facebook: Prom Dress Diva's "A Cup of Comfort"

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