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God is Intentional, But Are We?

By: Alfreda Jones-Moore

 The older I get the more I realize that being strategic and intentional is more important than ever. Intentional with my money, intentional with my time, intentional with what and whom I support.

Often time we move through life without a plan, goal, vision or purpose for where we will end up. We make plans, goals and envision ourselves doing things without consulting our God: The one who’s purpose and plan for our lives is already mapped out. We just need to acknowledge him.

I’m no different. Like most young girls I had a plan and a road map for my future. At age 12 my plans were to finish school, get a job as a Secretary, get married, have a nice apartment, one child and at age 30, join a church.

At 14 after being forced to attend a revival, I confessed my belief Jesus, dedicated my life to God and the plans changed. By age 18 I was now planning to become a Eunuch like Paul and Evangelist like Shirley Caesar. By age 31 the plans had evolved to business owner, marriage, world traveler with “NO” children in the plan and doing the will of God serving at my “local” church doing whatever my hands found to do.

WELLL….at age 33, I discovered that God had VERY different plans for me. While living out my dreams as wife, Entrepreneur, traveling the US and internationally, a visit to the doctor for what I thought was the flu ended up being the best earthly thing that could have ever happened to my life: even though I didn’t think so at the time.

I felt like my dreams were shattering, my life would be put on hold, I had no desire or motherly instinct to nurture or raise a child of my own. I was perfectly happy spoiling my nieces and nephews. After all, I was 33 years old! I was totally “free to move about the cabin” when suddenly the fasten your seat belt sign came on and the pilot said prepare for turbulence. Wow, what a contrast. None of those plans I had, worked out entirely the way I had envisions them.

All my life I've been at my best when I'm supporting someone else's vision. There is something that draws me enthusiastically IN to the challenge of solving someone else's problems. I find that it's the thing that makes me feel the most valued. It gives me a sense of self-worth. There's something about doing things for others and realizing that what I did made the difference. Not that I seek recognition, praise or acknowledge. A simple, private "thank you " or "that made a difference" usually will suffice. But then I would always reply with "Thank you for allowing me to do it." (And I genuinely mean it)

I'm often referred to as a person with "the fixer" personality but really, I'm just looking for the next thing to challenge me. It's how I learned to “do” and learn “about” NEW things. So, there is a win-win in my opinion

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t just go around asking “Hey can I do something to make your life easier”. There is a method to my madness. It’s usually where God leads me to help. Only those that God has ordained me to assist, I can truly with ease, assist. And its usually God who must tear me away. SIGH!!

Yes, I’m a loyalist! I feel if God has ordained me to it, it’s “ALL IN” for me. My thought process is that I NEVER want it to be said that God ordained me to something or for someone and my actions resulting in it falling apart. I truly believe Mark 1:9 “What God has joined together let “NO man/woman” put asunder.” Yes, I know that Jesus was talking about marriage, but I believe we can apply that scripture to any relationship that God has ordained. His purpose and plan must Always over-ride our will and struggles with demanding situations and conflicts.

But we must also learn when to let go of our plans or move when it’s time. Which is the part I struggle with. My former Pastor told me (in my early 20’s) “Sis Freda you need to learn to move when the spirit moves.”" I didn’t understand him at the time, but I’m understanding it better “by and by.” It is like the plans in my life as a child and young woman.

I’m always ALL in for what I want but being intentional and strategic in life must include the Master Strategist! Otherwise we waste precious time. And/or we will never realize ALL that God has ordained for our lives.

There is an upside to my personality. It aids me in assisting my clients with genuine concern compassion and the goal that together we will tackle and solve the problems we uncover. The return for me is a feeling of accomplishment and pride to know that the work I do makes a difference. Whenever I think about doing something different, I remember the satisfaction I have in just plan helping.

Alfreda is the owner of A.A. Jones-Moore Financial Consulting. Learn more about how Alfreda works as a financial & benefits consultant and Workshop/Seminar Speaker.

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