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"Career vs Ministry" 

By Angela Hackworth-Wilson, PhD

  We all dream of having a Career growing up, but what happens when Careers get in the way of Ministry? We must make a choice, and sometimes that choice is made for us, if you’re a Preacher’s Kid (PK) or simply rooted and grounded in a ministry you grew up in. For instance, my story: My Father started Pastoring when I was eight years old, and my mother was the musician.

My parents have four daughters with me being the eldest, I was trained in every area of the ministry. Trained to teach Sunday school, sing in the choir, raised the offering, M.C. a program, usher, and learned how to preach. I had to spear-head a lot of different auxiliaries, but my true passion is writing plays, and screen plays.

I received my B.A. from U.S.C. in Humanities Drama, and minor in Cinema Television. I do have an acting group that puts on productions yearly, but from time to time, I feel like I'm missing out on my dreams. Some years ago, when my mother was alive, she tried to get me to take on our Youth Dept., because the lady who was the president suddenly gave up the position and left the church. My mother's words were," We need someone right now!" I refused because I was already the president of the choir, over the Pastoral Anniversary, in School, had two pre-teen children, working, and had a husband. My response to her was, "Why do you constantly put things on me, I can't take nothing else on my plate. Mom I don't want to wake up one day and be 50 years old, not fulfilling the things I want to do in life, then hating the church." Well that day is here, but I don't hate the church. Sometimes I just wished I had more of an opportunity to have done more in my field.

I was taught that “Only what you do for Christ will last. people might forget your name, but that's alright as long as it's written in the Lamb's book of Life.” Sometimes I ask myself which is harder, working a career, or working the ministry? Whichever one it is for you, just know compromising your integrity, work ethics, or the word of God is not an option. I love what I do but wish I could have done more. What are your thoughts?

Dr. Wilson is also the owner of Angel's Kitchen Catering, author of "When The Vow Breaks" and organizer of the "Annual When the Vow Breaks Conference"

Read Angela's dissertation "The Effects of Foster Care and Social Relations" or connect with her on Linkedin or Facebook 

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