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"Be A Riser! Make a Differene"

By: Evangelist Barber L. Riser

      The Love Project was started from a desire to reach and inspire youth to become givers according to the Word of God and to think outside of their world. I was blessed by both my natural and spiritual parents because they were examples of people who lived their life helping and loving others regardless of the size of the deed or need. Thus, they were blessed in many ways. I am so blessed in many different ways today and I strongly desire for our youth to be blessed beyond what they currently see.

      I awarded the first (1st) scholarship, (the Barbara Riser Scholarship, 5 years ago, to students at El Camino College where I was employed. However, I wanted to start a scholarship that could also touch youth in diverse communities.

Thus, BE A RISER Scholarship was started in 2018. I have witnessed many of our children making the grades necessary to go to good colleges/universities, but are not financially able to attend. If the BE A RISER Scholarship can help make a difference in the life of at least one youth, then it is a success.

      I’ve been asked much time why did I start and how do I fund the scholarship projects? To be honest, this Love Project idea was in my heart for a while, but I did not follow through with it. Finally, I said to myself, "Barbara, trust God, do what you have been taught to do, and move forward. God will provide."

      This is the first year funding the Love Project funding from my own pocket.  It is my belief that I cannot expect someone else to invest or give if I am not willing to make a sacrifice for what God has placed in my heart to do.  This is second year for the “BE A RISER Scholarship”. It has been completely funded by a fundraiser (selling raffle tickets).   I am currently in the planning stages for other fundraising ideas that will cover both projects I am trusting God. He is opening doors and I am grateful.      Other fundraising ideas are in the planning states to cover all of the Scholarship projects. I am trusting God. He is opening doors and I am grateful!

      Evangelist Barbara Riser, President of Riser Foundation, has a grateful heart to God for his Son, Jesus Christ. She has a passion to make a difference by inspiring and helping others to rise to their best in order to influence the communities in which we live.

Barbara’s mission statement: A healthy and wealthy woman of God living a balanced life that reflects His love and compassion for others through inspirational words of wisdom and good deeds. To fulfill my God-given purpose by empowering and helping at-risk youth to pursue knowledge and to think outside the box; to encourage women to dig deep within themselves and to excel to excellence toward their divine destiny.

      The Riser Foundation sponsors the following annual events:  1) Love Project: Theme: “Helping Others”

Submit a 3 – 5 minute video of your youth “helping others” and have an opportunity to receive a cash for your youth department or ministry. Guidelines & Deadlines Provided.   2) “BE A RISER” Scholarship: Applicants submit 250, 500 and 1,000 essays for awards of $150.00 - $350.00.  

      For more information about Evangelist Riser and The Riser Foundation, connect wither her at Barbara Riser, Riser foundation, 14752 Crenshaw Blvd. #132, Gardena, CA 90249

by email: Email:  on facebook or instagram (@glriser)

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