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Based on the belief that God has empowered and equipped, by the Holy Spirit, the Business and Professional Women’s Federation to serve as Godly examples in their work places, homes, schools, churches, communities, and the world; our mission is to share our God-given resources and expertise; to​ care for the general welfare of all people; and to help spread love, joy, happiness, and the Word of God, by being living testimonies to people everywhere.


MEJ BUSINESS & PROFESSIONAL WOMEN'S FEDERATION promotes fellowship & support among all industrious women whether students, in business and professional careers outside or inside the home or even retired.

  • Our Scripture: Philipians 4:13 "I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me." (KJV)
  • Our Motto: "It takes a real women to live for God and living for God will make a real woman: Put your profession to work for God."
  • Our Creed: We Care - We Share - We Help!
  • Our Colors: Aqua & Gold   
  • Our Uniform: White Suit with Aqua Blouse
  • Our Flower: Yellow Rose which symbolizes "Friendship & Caring"
  • We serve as role models and mentors for women in our church community who aspire business & professional careers by sharing expertise and providing training.
  • We seek to establish a network for exchange for business and professional opportunities and resources among Church Of God In Christ (C.O.G.I.C.) women.
  • We inspire educational pursuits and socio-economic advancement.
  • We seek to initiate, encourage and implement programs in the areas of :
    1. Education & Scholarship Sponsorship,
    2. Community Activity,
    3. Creative fund raising projects which exemplify the role and benefits of business and professional women,
    4. Support endeavors of our Jurisdictional Supervisor and other women’s department leaders both financially and by performing any necessary tasks and
    5. Soul Winning. 
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