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"A Destiny of a Name"

By: Delivia Lenora Berry

          Born in the early 1960’s (1961 to be exact) the name I was given was (in my opinion) not for the era. With that being said, I reverted to using the nick name Dee Dee later dropping a Dee and just used “Dee.” Church associates began calling me “Dee Berry” (putting the two names together DeeBerry). If someone called me by my given name, I would not answer or I would simply reply, “please do not call me that name!”

          Through-out my life, very few people knew what my name was, let alone knowing how to pronounce it! Thus, giving me more reasons not to use the name. Even in the workforce, only the HR Department knew of the name, but would not address me by that name by request. There were less than a handful of people that deliberately called me by my given name, saying “the name is beautiful a  and I don’t know why you won’t use it.”

          Sometime in February on a Sunday morning, while moderating the service, I began t expound on “the name of Jesus” and how powerful His name is, what can be done in His name. Within the same week, the LORD spoke to me, saying, “In your 60th year, it is time to use your name!” I was but a couple weeks away from turning 60, so I was hesitant, why was the LORD telling me to use my name after all this time? I haven’t used that name sense I’ve been here! Adopted, at 6 months, I was born with the name “Baby Girl Brown,” not having an identity via a

name. But at the “6th” month, my adopted father gave me an unusual, unique name. The LORD told me, your name is unique, you are unique; your name is strong and bold. There are numerous people with the name Dee Dee in your family, but not one with your name. Step into your identity and destiny with your name!” The song came to my memory, “He knows my name.” I began to realize, I am unique in many ways, not just my name, but from hair turning silver at 19, unable to wear make-up of any kind, freckles, slanted eyes; but it is the name that

makes me stand out, not these features.

          March 9, 2021, I did not change my name; I walked into the name given to me “Delivia Lenore Berry” Delivia carries the meaning, deliverance; Lenore carries the meaning light and compassion! As soon as I declared my name, things began to happen. On March 10, 2021, I received a notice from my place of employment; I was receiving an upgraded title change (elevation). On March 11, 2021, for the first time, I opened with prayer for the Wednesday Evening Prayer Ministry (which I serve as the coordinator) I was accustomed to getting others to open, but GOD said, “you do it” (elevation in the Kingdom); March 12, 2021 a celebration of my 60th year took place, there was a newness about me, I felt different, I felt more confident, I felt more of GOD’s anointing, I felt a change within me, I felt more of GOD’s omnipresence and His joy; I felt the boldness He placed within me. There is so much in a name, a name can define who you are, and the direction of your destiny; a name can open doors, that were otherwise- closed, when given a unique name, embrace it, there is no one like you, do not be afraid or

ashamed of your name, “it’s your name”, do not be afraid to go where GOD has called you to go using your name. Walk in your destiny, GOD is right there with you, He’ll never leave you nor forsake you, He’ll carry you when you are weary, and He’s there to protect you; so stand tall and be proud of whom GOD has called you to be. Walk in your name! 

Evangelist Delivia Lenore Berry

Community Chapel Church (George L. Fort, III, Pastor)

Metropolitan Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction of Southern California (Mother Betty J. Fort, Supervisor) 

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